I Bleed Dodger Blue
What a weekend!

What a weekend series right?

When the Marlins rolled into town on Friday I wasn’t sure how the weekend would end up for the Dodgers. When I checked my Black Berry Dodger app on Friday afternoon I was excited Casey Blake was back. “Thank God” I thought and took a deep breath and said “This is going to be a great weekend”.

Fridays Game was what we as fans would hope for. Case Blake made an outstanding diving stop on a well hit ball to save a run. Then in the bottom of the 9th in a tied game with Casey Blake on 3rd what would happen? That’s right a walk off hit to score him and end the game. Lets all just say it together “In Beard We Trust”. What a way to end the game and welcome back Casey!

Then we have Saturdays Game. It started out in the Dodgers favor when the Marlins starting pitcher was scratched with a injury. The Marlins had to piece together their pitching. But as fate would have it the Dodgers were dealt a bad hand. It just so happens as it has before in the past couple weeks, the Dodgers offense failed to show. Its is a frustrating for a fan to watch his team struggle and suffer even for one game. Ugh! Then to add to it all we have that damn McCourt (owner of the Dodgers) who seemed to make the May payroll. What the F@*k? Really? How can this be? Can’t we as fans just get one break? I just wish that MLB would just seize the team! It helped the Rangers it could only help us. Enough of that for now.

So then we come to Sundays game. I couldn’t think of a better way to finish off the series then to have Clayton Kershaw on the mound. He was outstanding, throwing a 2 hit shutout and striking out 10 Batters. Kershaw was not only Stellar on the mound but he also went 2 for 4 with scoring 2 runs and getting 1 rbi. The Dodgers seemed to have found that offense that they were missing on Saturday. They strung together 17 hits and Scored 8 runs. Oh how quickly the tide turns.

Unfortunately there was a little bit of drama at the game. In the bottom of the 4th after grounding out Matt Kemp argued a strike call against him with the plate umpire. Kemp soon found himself ejected from the game. Mattingly quickly came running out to argue also with the plate umpire,and soon found himself with the same fate as Kemp. He had to be escorted off the field by the 3rd base umpire. I know to much drama!

So was it a great weekend? In my eyes I think it was. The Dodgers won the series against the Marlins. Keep on rolling Dodgers! I can’t wait to see what happens Monday when the Colorado Rockies come to town.

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